Form a Private Limited Company in the UK, Cyprus, Ireland or Malta for doing business in Italy

Italian Limited is a firm of lawyers and accountants based in Milan and in London which specializes in the formation of UK, Cyprus, Irish and Maltese private limited companies authorized to trade mainly or exclusively in Italy. We provide a comprehensive service in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese that ensures full compliance with the applicable laws.

Until recently most European Union member states, including Italy, were governed by the “real seat rule”, according to which companies were regulated by the law of the state where they have their central administration or principal place of business. Under this rule a UK, Cyprus, Irish or Maltese Ltd company having its central administration or principal place of business in Italy would be disqualified under Italian law.

For an entrepreneur doing business in several European Union states this effectively obliged her to form a local company in each member state in which she operated, bearing the costs of being subjected to several legal regimes and relevant incorporation expenses (the formation of an Italian limited liability company costs over 10,000 euros and can take up to 20 days). Furthermore, a foreign entrepreneur doing business in Italy was obliged to form a local company in Italy, and prevented from doing business with a more familiar legal structure.

The European Court of Justice has overruled this principle and declared that a citizen of a Member state is entitled to form a company in the Member state which she considers most favorable while conducting her business exclusively or principally in another Member state through the establishment of a branch in the latter state. The consequence has been that over the past 3 years more than 250,000 UK, Cyprus, Irish and Maltese Private Limited Companies have been formed to conduct business exclusively or principally in other Member States.

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